Looking to Repair Your Roof? Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time

Have you noticed that your roof looks as if it’s in need of repairs? Curling or missing shingles, debris in the gutters, moss and algae growth abound… Even if it’s not showing these signs of aging from its exterior, how is the inside of your house faring? If you’ve noticed leaks of water or light, or know that your roof has been in place for a significant amount of time, it’s most likely in need of some major repairs or even replacement.

While it’s recommended that you have your roof inspected annually, or twice a year if you’re really on top of your maintenance, not everyone follows this cardinal rule to ensure the longevity of their home’s roof. A roof is arguably the most important part of a house, so it shouldn’t be neglected.

If you’re noticing these signs, luckily it’s the right time of year for roofing needs. There are many reasons why fall is ideal for those who are planning roofing repairs or replacement.

The Signs:

1. During the fall, the weather is still moderate and warm enough for shingles to adhere to a roof properly. The ideal outside temperature for this is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s important that the day is clear. Getting repairs taken care of in the fall will ensure that the roof is properly sealed come wintertime.

2. The cold weather of winter months can further damage the small leaks in your roof. It’s much better to take care of repairs now before they become an even bigger issue come springtime.

3. Getting roofing problems taken care of in autumn will save you money on your heating bills. Have you considered the fact that your rising heating bills have been a result of your poor performing roof? There’s no need to crank up the HVAC system when you could be keeping the elements out with a better-equipped roof overhead. Don’t keep putting off these repairs when they could increase your home’s energy efficiency as well as comfort.

4. Although winter is the slow season for roofing professionals, you might not always get the better deal you were hoping for by postponing the job. Many professionals could be busy with other jobs or may not be taking jobs during these months. Imagine needing a repair and not being able to easily contact a professional — it’s not worth the chance!

Roofing Repairs and Replacement in Murfreesboro

Are you in need of roofing repairs this fall? Contact All Roofing, Siding & Gutters for an inspection and quote this fall.

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