Roofing Maintenance – When to Replace Your Roof

While we rarely sit around and think about how much we appreciate our roof, it is nevertheless one of the most important aspects of a home. The job of a roof is to keep the elements where they belong – outside of your home.

The only time we seem to pay attention to our roof is when it does not do its job. After all the abuse a roof takes, whether it be harsh rain or punishing sunlight, it’s no wonder how they eventually wear down and give way to the grueling rigors of the task at hand.

Knowing when to replace your roof can be the difference between keeping wind and rain outside of your home and inviting the damaging elements inside.

roofing maintenance


It is widely agreed upon that an average roof should last up to 25 years before needing to be replaced. Of course, this varies based on climate and roofing material, but the rule of thumb is that 20 years is as long as your roof should last.

Check to see if your current roof was just laid over another layer of shingles or installed as a brand new roof. Sometimes, replacement roofs are just new shingles placed on top of old shingles, and will need to be replaced sooner than a roof that was not installed in this manner

Valleys Appear Worn Down

Valleys of your roof serve a very important purpose by directing the flow of rainwater and melting snow towards gutters where it is safely and correctly removed from your roof. These areas see a great deal of abuse, however, and can wear down quicker than other regions of your roof.

Pay very close attention to roof valleys when you are visually inspecting your roof, especially if you live in a climate that experiences increased rainfall.

Curling and Missing Shingles

Heaps of direct sunlight can also be very damaging to a roof. Check the slopes that receive the brunt of the harsh sunlight throughout the day for signs of sun damage, most notably the curling back of shingles.

Buckling or curling in shingles is a sign that they have lost their integrity and can leave your roof susceptible to leaks.

Missing shingles are also a sign that they are starting to lose their strength and have worn down to the point of needing to be replaced. A new roof that is missing a few shingles isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm and can be the sign of improper installation. However, as your roof ages and wears down, shingles will begin falling off much more easily.

Roofing Replacement Murfreesboro TN

All roofs need to be replaced eventually. If you are in the Murfreesboro or Middle Tennessee area and need professional roofing services, don’t hesitate to contact All Roofing, Siding and Gutters today!

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