Roofing Shapes For Your Home

Aside from protecting your home from the elements, your roof can also play a more aesthetic role and transport your home to a different time entirely. This combination of style and utility gives you the chance to make a statement with your roof, There are so many timeless types of roofs that can take your home to the next level, including these:


One of the most tried-and-true roofs available, the arched roof has been around for centuries. Opening the door to a wide array of style possibilities, arched roofing will continue to be a trend for years to come.


While it may sound boring, a flat roof can be both visually stimulating and extremely practical. Maintenance is considerably safer, which is a big plus. The lack of incline can contribute to above-average branch, leaf and water accumulation.

hop roof


A hip roof is unique in that it slopes in two pairs of directions. This eliminates the steep point that you would see on some roofs, resulting in a flatter surface that is safer to work on while keeping the incline that helps eliminate debris build-up.

mansard roof

Partially named after the French designer that made it popular in the 17th century, the Mansard roof is a variation of a hip roof that aims at utilizing the attic space. The open area between the roof and ceiling can be used for living space or just a traditional, roomier attic.

gambrel roof
A variation of the Mansard roof, a gambrel roof will also maximize the space of the upper level of the house. Unlike a Mansard roof, a gambrel roof will overhang the side of the house and incorporate vertical gable ends instead of being hipped at the corners.

Just as the name suggests, this shape of roof is essentially a hip roof on a square building. It is mostly used accentuate a certain area of a home rather than cover and entire house.

saltbox roof

This unique roof incorporates two sides of different lengths, resulting in an unbalanced look that is quite visually stimulating. It can also serve a function, such as homes partially built on a slope or hill that might be multi-floored in one area and only have a single floor in another section.

skillion roof

When you think of a classic “lean-to,” you are essentially imagining a skillion roof. Utilizing just one single sloping surface, it often serves as an extension of an already-existing roof.

Your Murfreesboro home could functionally and aesthetically benefit from any of these classic roof designs. If you are looking to add a roof of any type to your home or just need some maintenance on your current roof, give All Roofing, Siding, and Gutters a call today!

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