Roof Repair

We offer comprehensive roofing repair and replacement services.

We provide free estimates and can work with your insurance company when it comes to pricing. Some insurance companies only want to cover the bare minimum when it comes to repair or replacement. We are accustomed to dealing with these situations and help to ensure that you get a square deal.

If you want to knowledgeably talk to a roofing contractor about the condition of your home, you need to know the basics. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to not getting sold something that you don’t actually need. We encourage our customers to become informed buyers. You should be confident to make your own decisions instead of relying solely on a roofing contractor’s recommendations.

Shingles are the first line of defense for your roof. When shingles go missing, your roof is exposed to the damaging effects of wind and rain. It’s good to get in the habit of safely inspecting your roof for missing or displaced shingles after severe storms, and to replace and repair them before a leak can occur.

Flashing is a form of weatherproofing where a water-resistant material is applied to intersections on a roof in order to keep it from leaking. It’s easy to see where one could run into problems if the flashing on their roof began to crack. Although flashing is made out of metal, it will eventually weaken over time and give way to the elements. The only suitable repair for cracked flashing is a replacement.

Although cleaning out the gutters is another chore to add to the list, it is important and necessary to ensure proper draining from your roof, which can minimize leaks and other damages. Gutters that are clogged will not be able to direct the flow of rainwater anywhere, leading to pools of water forming on your roof that can wear down shingles and eventually find a way into your home.

Valleys are areas where water frequently flows on a roof, which is why it is imperative to make sure your roof’s valleys are always properly sealed. Valleys will be forced to deal with more water than other areas of your roof. This heightened exposure to rainwater and melting ice will cause erosion over time, especially if the area wasn’t properly sealed to begin with.

We pride ourselves on putting our name behind our work. All of our employees are highly trained and customer service is our top priority.