What to Consider Before Installing Gutter Guards

Spring and/or fall cleaning are not known to be a very fun task, but it can also sometimes be dangerous if you are the type of homeowner that has to climb up a ladder to manually clean out your gutters. Every time you go up, you put yourself at risk of being injured which is very worrisome. That is why so many roofing companies have pushed the effort of installing gutter guards to homes to ensure you and your home’s safety. With these guards, you won’t have to climb back up to the roof nearly as much, or in some cases, at all! Take a look at why you should consider having gutter guards installed today if you haven’t already.

How They Work

Gutter guards come in two main forms: gutter covers that sit on top of your gutter, and gutter screens that are made from wire mesh, nylon, or foam. Both guards help water flow downward into your gutter while making sure debris does not. Their main purpose is to make sure your gutters no longer have to be decluttered. However, as we will discuss later, that doesn’t mean they can be left unattended.

They Prevent Unwanted Guests

Birds and insects are known for making their homes in gutters which can be damaging. However, with gutter guards, you don’t have to worry. They won’t have a spot to build a nest so they will just have to make it elsewhere.

They Save Your Gutters and Money

With gutter guards, you won’t have to worry about your gutters prematurely rusting or rotting from all the clogging debris. Instead, the guards make sure the only thing that flows through your gutters is water. On top of that, because your gutters work properly, your landscape won’t suffer from any damage that might be very costly to fix. Therefore, you are really saving money by not having to worry about possible risks.

They Are a Safer Option

Now that you don’t have to climb up to declutter your gutter constantly, you don’t risk yourself of injury anymore. Although it is true you have to do a little maintenance, it is not nearly as much as you would have to do without gutter guards.

They Increase Home Value

Because gutter guards do so much to ensure your home’s safety, they are a valuable asset to have. With that in mind, if you were to ever consider selling your home, the chances of you receiving higher bids is more likely.

Installation Can Be Costly

Before calling your professional roofer to have them installed, make sure that you have set aside enough money. It is true that installation is not very cheap, but the one-time expense could save you even more money in the long run.

They Are Not Foolproof

If your plan is to leave the guards completely unattended, you might be in for a rude awakening. Although guards are effective and do save you time, money, and the overall hassle, they are not perfect. In some cases, small tree seeds can find their way in the guards which, if left unattended, can have less than favorable results. Although it is not expected of you to clean out your guard every month, make sure you that you at least clean out your gutter guards occasionally.

Shop Carefully

There are, unfortunately, some salespeople out there who will try to sell you ineffective gutter guards. With that being said, be sure to take your time when shopping around for the right roofer and gutter guard system. The last thing you need is to have not only debris going down the drain, but your money as well.

At All Roofing Siding and Gutters, we would never sell you anything we didn’t think would work. Our expert team will know exactly what gutter guard system works best for your home. Have us come out and install your own gutter guard system today!

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